Seattle's Best Medium Roast Ground Coffee House Blend

Seattle's Best Medium Roast Ground Coffee™ House Blend. Est 1970. Full & balanced. Smooth-roasted. 100% Arabica. Net Wt 12 oz (340 g). The short story of how we earned our name: Wayback in 1970, we set out to craft the best cup of coffee. By using only the finest beans and perfecting our signature smooth roast, we landed on something downright delicious. And because we knew we had something special, we entered a competition and were named "The Best Coffee in Seattle". We were thrilled - and knew that we had found our name. Today, we continue to obsess over our award-winning coffee, because our name reminds us just how high we've set the bar. It's a challenge to us. And a promise to you. Our signature blend crafted from Latin American beans is full flavored, balanced and smooth-roasted to perfection. So pull up a chair and a mug, and enjoy sipping on what we are proud to call our House Blend. Find your favorite: With our family of delicious blends, we've got a cup for every taste. From medium to dark and always smooth - find what you love at our website. All rights reserved. Visit: © 2017 Seattle's Best Coffee LLC.