Ines Rosales Cookie 6 ea

Since 1910. The traditional way, the good way. All natural. Delicious at coffee time. With high oleic sunflower oil. More than 100 years of love. The Ines Rosales brand originated in 1910 in a small Sevillian village in Andalusia, Spain. Its founder, Ines Rosales, revived a family recipe, and so was born the inimitable Torta de Aceite, which years later would become an icon of Andalusian confectionary, a classic over many generations. Ines Rosales also manufactures typical Andalusian sweet pastries such as citrus crumble cake and cinnamon cookies. Ines Rosales specialties are full of flavor, tradition and, above all, love. What is Tortita Nevada or Cinnamon Cookie? It's a small round cookie flavored with cinnamon and anise and dusted with caster sugar. The Best Way to Enjoy a Cinnamon Cookie: Eat on its own or serve with tea, coffee, sherry, ice cream, fruit or whatever takes your fancy! Made in Spain with love. Product of Spain.